Creation of HORSE by Renault Group

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  • October 02, 2023

PwC assists Renault Group in the creation of HORSE, which brings together the Group's industrial know-how and assets in the field of hybrid and low-emission powertrains.

PwC provided Renault Group with tax support and accounting systems integration for the creation of HORSE, a new entity in charge of developing thermal and hybrid powertrains and mechanical transmissions

PwC Deals assisted Renault Group with the tax structuring of the joint venture currently being set up with Geely, which aims to become the leader in the next generation of low-emission internal combustion and hybrid engines, meeting global demand in the years ahead. 

PwC also assisted Renault Group with the migration of accounting systems necessary for HORSE operations in Portugal, Spain, Romania and Turkey.  

The PwC tax team, led from Paris by Katia Gruzdova, tax partner, included Nabil Daoudi, Philippe Durand, Bénédicte Le Maux, Clément Jouanolle, Fabien Fontaine, Hereil Lontsi, José Manuel Moreno, Zuzanna Jandova, Gloria Saltalamacchia, Antoine Laniesse, Luana Higino Balbino and the tax experts from PwC international network in Argentina (Juan Manuel Magadan, Esteban Russo), Brazil (Orlando Fdalcin), China (Chengfei Yuan, Beacky ZC Jiang), Chile (German Campos, Daniela Rubio), Spain (Christian Vegara Villagordo, Isabel Moliz Moreno-Torres), Portugal (Maria Torres), Romania (Andreea Mitirita, Cristina Fuioga), the UK (Gregor Lindsay) and Türkyie (Ulas Ceylani). 

The PwC consulting team, led by José Baghdad, partner, included Jean-Baptiste Matichard, Julien Nguyen, Eric Ung, Soufiane Abid, Georges Saroufim, Oumayma Ben-Hfaiedh, Zeinah Fareedun, Sirine Maazi, Ahmed Trabelsi, Samar Romdhane, Nesrine Turki, Clément Philippe, Intissar Manaa, Omar El Hadi, Niels Rogale, Michaël Wang, Alexis Tandéo, Marie Costes, Abdallah Ben Abdallah et Maximilien Clair. 

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